The Basement Effect @ District, Threshold Festival Liverpool

29 March, 2015


so, here I am again in Liverpool, with all of the ingredients there for all the young dudes of The Basement Effect, playing the Threshold Festival of Music & Arts 2015 @ District, with their upbeat sound & vibrant energy: this band simply exude the spontaneity that comes from a self-confident musical knowledge and bags full of potential, to rock the house

the set kicked off with the crowd favourite ‘Just Like You‘, The Effect’s first video single, a fast paced guitar driven rock number, played with aplomb.  This was followed by their latest track ‘Call it a Day‘, another rock number with a deeper, darker altogether more raucous feel, and a brilliant guitar solo which reminded me somewhat of The Hoodoo Gurus or maybe even The Only Ones


Ain’t it Fun‘ followed on, once more calling on the band’s rock credentials: a raw sound, Harry on drums leading the way & Freddy again with a guitar solo reminiscent of Zeppelin with it’s top end notes. Next came ‘Don’t Stop Running‘, a somehow gentler track, more rhythmic, more poppy so to speak, combining the 4 band members vocal harmonies with a great hook into the chorus and again featuring a ripping guitar solo, a real feature of the evening


track 5 saw The Effect reveling cheekily in a cover of Wheatus‘ ‘Teenage Dirtbag‘, and the set was brought to a close with ‘Call Me Home‘, which opened with a Guns & Roses-like riff, before breaking into the main track

despite all of these comparisons with other bands, The Basement Effect remain a highly original line-up, it’s hard to place exactly where they stand in terms of genre, but it is safe to say that they quite certainly have their own sound


for a band of such tender years, The Basement Effect write & perform their songs with maturity & panache. Their combination of rock, with some pop & a bit of grunge & punk thrown in for good measure, underlain by instrumental solos & vocal harmonies, as well as inspired use of cowbells on ‘Dirtbag‘ by bassist Ben, bodes well for the future

the band have got themselves into Liverpool Rocks! The Final on the 25 April, which will be well worth going along to. The semis saw The Effected, their following, show up in droves, 175 tickets sold according to manager Eric

one to watch that’s for sure

see the full photo set on Flickr

The Basement Effect’s Youtube Channel

Rob Weir

words & images Copyright © Robert Weir 2015

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